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Click on any of the questions below to be taken directly to the answer. If you have any questions not answered in this FAQ, please contact us.

1. What is included in my ticket price?
2. How should I dress/prepare for a Walk?
3. How will I recognize my Vegas Walks guide?
4. How long will the Walk last and how far do we travel?
5. Are Walks offered year-around?
6. What happens if the weather turns bad during a Walk?
7. Are Vegas Walks strollers-wheelchairs-children friendly?
8. What about bringing Fido?
9. Does the Walk end where it started?
10. What is the VW refund policy?
11. Can we bring our camera? How about our video camera, cell phone, pager?
12. Will my guide expect a tip?
13. Will I be able to smoke during the Walk?
14. Will there be rest stops along the way?
15. May I give a Walk as a gift to someone else?
16. What tours do you currently offer?

17. Do I need to make a reservation?
18. Without a reservation, how early should I arrive at the start location?
19. How much do tickets cost?

20. What kind of payment does VW take?


What is included in my ticket price?

A Vegas Walks ticket includes:

  1. A Vegas Walks sun visor

  2. A bottle of water

  3. All the pictures you can capture to preserve your keepsake

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How should I dress/prepare for a Walk?

If you aren’t used to the walking in a desert climate (really, ouchy, hot!!), we suggest the following:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes are easy on the feet, don’t have high-heels, tight straps or weigh a ton

  2. Wear a head covering. Wear your Vegas Walks sun visor or a hat of your own choosing

  3. Wear sun glasses

  4. Use sun block

  5. Extra shade….bring an umbrella. Our guides use umbrellas to block the sun and you are welcome to bring your own and do likewise

  6. Drink plenty of fluids. We provide you with one bottle of water. If you don’t think that will be enough, bring more, or other types of liquids like juice, sports drink, soda, tea or coffee

    We DO NOT recommend drinking alcoholic beverages on a Walk.

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How will I recognize my Vegas Walks guide?

Vegas Walks tour guides will meet Walkers at the site listed for the specific tour about 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of the Walk. A small map of the meeting location is also included on the tour description page.

Vegas Walks tour guides wear bright gold polo-type shirts or jackets (in inclement weather) and tan walking shorts or slacks. In case of rain or really sunny weather, our guides carry gold, Vegas Walks umbrellas.

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How long will the Walk last and how far do we travel?

A typical Vegas Walk covers about 1.25 to 1.5 miles and lasts between two to two and a half hours. Don’t hold us to those numbers as some Walks are a bit longer, some a bit shorter. The Walk time depends on the overall pace of the Walkers, the kinds of questions asked and the number of photos we stop to take, the weather, potty breaks---you get the idea. 

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Are Walks offered year-around?

Yes, we Walk year-round, but we sometimes change the Walk start times to allow for summer heat or winter rains.

Always check the VW website (www.vegasWalks.com) or call the VW office (702.367.1054) to make sure your chosen Walk is still leaving on schedule. We can’t fight Mother Nature.

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What happens if the weather turns bad during a Walk?

Believe it or not, Las Vegas does get a bad weather a day or two: strong winds, rain and even (gulp) snow!

In most cases, your guides will bundle up, suggest you dress for the weather and carry on into whatever is being dished out from up above. However, should the weather worsen during your Walk to the point where everyone is uncomfortable, we reserve the right to cancel the tour.

Should the need for a cancellation arise, we will offer you a refund or the chance to reschedule a Walk at your convenience.  Above all we want you to enjoy your Walk and come back for more.

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Are Vegas Walks strollers-wheelchairs-children friendly?

Yes, but with caution. All Walks travel on public sidewalks. You are responsible for keeping your children, strollers or wheelchair with the group as we travel.

Something for the parents of small children to consider:

Children under the age of 12 are free when accompanied by an adult, with a limit of two children per adult. Our theory here is, one child for each adult hand.  Also, Vegas Walks research, guide narrative focus and tour photographs, while not sexually explicit or graphically offensive in any way, pivot around informing and entertaining adults.

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What about bringing Fido?

The only critters allowed on a Vegas Walk are trained assistance animals with the appropriate harnessing.

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Does the Walk end where it started?

The short answer is no. The long answer is, the focus on a Vegas Walk is to inform and entertain our guests with Las Vegas history and interesting anecdotes. To return back to the starting point with each Walk would take too much time and cover too much of the same territory.

Your Walk description will include the start and end point. If you need to return to the start point for some reason, your Walk guide will happily provide you with the return directions.

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What is the VW refund policy?

We understand there are times when refunds become necessary. These are the applicable situations for Vegas Walks:

  1. Prohibitive weather. The specifics were outlined in “What happens if the weather turns bad?” section.

  2. I changed my mind. If you have purchased a ticket, but the Walk has not yet started, you may request a full refund from your guide. However, once the guide has called “last call” and the Walk has commenced, then there are no more refunds for changing your mind.

  3. A Walk in progress. If a Walker decides to leave a tour in progress, under most circumstances, VW will not, provide a refund. But hey, we’re human too, talk to us and maybe we can work something out.

  4. Pre-paid tickets you can’t use. Call us and we will discuss your situation.

More refund information…

5. Individuals. If you paid cash at the location, we’ll refund cash.

6. Corporate clients. Refunds made to corporate clients will be taken care of through the group representative.

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Can we bring our camera? How about our video camera, cell phone, pager? ( Cameras/video cameras/audio taping)

A Vegas Walks tour is a keepsake and we encourage you to preserve it with the occasional use of a camera or camcorder. We have even planned picture-taking moments into the Walk, giving you opportunities to capture memories on film.

However, we do not allow constant video taping, audio taping or excessive note taking of the Walk. All Vegas Walks content is proprietary and protected legally. And, when (occasionally) using a camera or camcorder, we ask you to be courteous of your fellow Walkers. Not everyone wants to end up in your family album!

Cell phone/pagers 
If you cannot be separated from a cell phone or pager for the duration of a Walk, out of courtesy to the group, set both to vibrate or “silent” mode, please. If you must take a call, step away from the guide and the group to conduct your business. 

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Will my guide expect a tip?

Tips are not required. That said, also note that our guides don’t just walk in off the street, pick up a tour map and become a Vegas Walks guide.  VW guides have all studied the history inside their tour area, becoming experts on the people who lived there, the buildings coming and going, and the events taking place there.  They constantly upgrade their information bank by reading whatever they can get their hands on about Las Vegas history.

Once a VW guide learns all their tour information, then they practice it, make it fun, make it interesting, make it fall off the tip of their tongues like they were born with it.

All that takes work, no doubt about it. If you feel your guide deserves it, please feel free to offer a gratuity. 

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Will I be able to smoke during the Walk?

Yes, of course you can. Vegas Walks tours are conducted outside, along public sidewalks, most of the time. Smoke all you want. 

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Will there be rest stops along the way?

VW guides will identify specific locations along the Walk so you can attend to business. But don’t dawdle or get distracted on your way back to the group. We have history to unfold!

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May I give a Walk as a gift to someone else?

You bet! In fact, we’d recommend it. Click here to go to our “Coupons & Gift Certificates” section for more information on giving a Walk as a gift.

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What tours do you currently offer?

1. The South Strip ….Castles, Towers Pyramids Jungles
2. From the old MGM to the new MGM
3. The Heart of the Historical Strip
4. The Sands and the Castaways
5. Old Frontier/New Frontier-El Rancho to El Rancho Vegas
6. Tour of the Month
7. Master Calendar showing when all the tours run in relation to themselves
8. What’s coming up…new tours on the horizon

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Do I need to make a reservation?

You do NOT need reservations for Vegas Walks. However, if you have a large party (6 people or more) we suggest you DO call, fax or E-mail ahead to let us know about your plans.

Our guides can accommodate 20 people on one Walk. Greater numbers mean it may be harder for Walkers to hear the guide and see the photographs. Give us some advanced notice and we can make sure there are enough guides on hand to make the Walk memorable for everyone.

If you would like to schedule a private Walk to celebrate a special occasion, contact us at 702.367.1054 or write us at information@vegasWalks.com. If you do make a reservation, we will E-mail a reservation confirmation to you within 24-hours of receiving your request.

Also, if you make a reservation, we will hold it until the Walk departure time. If you have not claimed your place by departure time, we will sell it to anyone on a waiting list interested in going on the Walk.

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Without a reservation, how early should I arrive at the start location?

The Vegas Walks guide will arrive at the start location about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the Walk.

Our guide will begin selling tickets to the Walk in the following order:

  1. People with reservations will have their places held until departure time.

  2. All other available places will be sold on a first come, first served basis until all 20 slots are sold

  3. At departure time any reservations which are not picked up will be sold to those on a waiting list, again first come, first served.

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How much do the tickets cost?



2 Adults, same family

$19.75 per adult

Children under age 12

Free (two free w/ one paid adult)

Senior citizens (age 60+)


Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more. Please call our office at 702.367.1054 to discuss pricing options. Corporate clients welcome.

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What kind of payment does Vegas Walks take?

Vegas Walks accepts the following:

  1. Cash. U.S. dollars. If you are traveling from outside the United States, exchange your currency in advance

  2. Traveler’s Checks Payable in U.S. currency

  3. Corporate Clients may set up accounts and use company checks or pay electronically. These accounts, however, need to be established in advance of the Walk. We will also accept corporate American Express, with advance notice. All corporate checks need to be issued to Vegas Walks. We DO NOT accept credit cards or debt cards or any sort of electronic payment from individual Walkers.

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